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Help needed. Strange behavior of SSA V2.2

SA5NTK 2021/06/07 08:35

Hello Everybody,

My first post on this forum.

The other day, while measuring/tuning my newly built antenna, the battery went on blink. After recharging, and for good measure connecting to a battery brick, my NanoVNA started to behave funny:
The curves would not update properly. It looked like only every 10th point of the curve was updating. I am talking about S11 and SWR.
If I reset by switching Off/On the curves are drawn OK. Same thing when i Recall a calibration setting First draw is good and then again only partly update.
If, for example I switch it on with open Port 1 and then connect a 50 ohm load both the S11 and SWR look like a comb with the teeth pointing down.
Re-calibrating and re-flushing the firmware didn't help.

Is this a known behavior? Can something be done to fix that?

DiSlord 2021/06/09 14:34

try disable ecal mode

SA5NTK 2021/06/11 03:06

Thanks for reply DiSlord!

Unfortunately, selecting NO ECAL didn't help :(
And worse - the traces stopped updating all together ECAL or NO ECAL. That is, I can get something that looks like a plausible traces only after initial turn ON or resetting by OFF/ON

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