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Does anyone sell Cal kits? #sellers

tmawson 2020/06/30 12:47

Does anyone know if I can buy a Cal kit on its own? If so where?

Dom Baines M1KTA 2020/07/01 02:58

If you mean the open short and 50ohm SMA

Designed for VNA callibration use.



Neal Pollack 2020/07/16 09:37

I have seen a lot of YouTube videos on making your own DIY cal kits.
It looks fairly easy, and I even have the 100Ohm surface mount resistors.

Question: The main thing you get when you buy a cal kit, aside from flatness
over frequency and accuracy of the center pin length plane for short, open, load,
is the cal parameters that are supplied. My question is this; If I make my own,
we can I learn how they measure those cal kit parameters that they write on the
box/kit? I do have accuracy to VNA's at work that cost three times the value
of my new car, but I have little experience here and I am just getting started.
Thanks for any tips/pointers.


MarkZ 2020/07/16 10:16

This depends greatly on what you're using the vna (and cal kit) for.

IMHO the most important thing you're testing is the load. Precision in open/short specs matter, but at a lower level than load measurement. If you use one of your more expensive vnas to test whatever you built/bought you can easily create a good cal kit. Especially if you're staying away from the higher (>1GHz) frequencies.

You might want to look at:


Siegfried Jackstien 2020/07/16 21:05


data for the cheap one (i would only use this one with the older nanovna
cause its data is only good below 1.5 gig)


and here the rosenberger data (spec says up to 12 gig)


yes a good cal kit costs as much as the v2 :-) ... but that´s not
because a good cal kit is expensive but cause the v2 is so cheap hi hi

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 16.07.2020 um 17:16 schrieb MarkZ:

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