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Do I have a genuine nanoVNA 2? #clones

jorgen 2021/09/28 02:55

I have a nanoVNA 2, but I do not know whether it is genuine.

How may I determine, whether my nanoVNA 2 is genuine?

My nanoVNA 2 looks identical to the nanoVNA V2.2 on the pictures. On the back of the PCB is written in the upper right corner (SMA connectors pointing up) "S-A-A" and below this "V2_2". It came in a card box with this on the label: "SKU39005-ky[OP" and "POA6988920". It is genuine or a clone?

Jorgen Sandberg

OwO 2021/09/28 06:23

Send your serial number (under CONFIG / VERSION) to and I can check.

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