tomseidel 2021/04/28 14:57

Hello Community,
I got my new NanoVNA V2 Plus 4 two days ago and it looks very nice. Now I still think about writing my own control sw. It may be possible that this sw will not reach the level of QT but it would give me a good change to learn a lot. about vna, time domain measurements, calibration and more. I got  some experience (during my work) in lv based sw for rf measurement devices, based on lxi/gpib and scpi command structures.
I assume that the nanovna command and control structure is fare away from scpi. Therefore i still look for a good description of the sw interface. I guess the team arround QT have this information. Who can tell me where i can get this information.
Is OwO willing to share this information with his customers?
Thanks in advance