David Eckhardt 2021/01/14 22:51

A month or so ago, several on these NANO sites requested more information
on the CMCs I had wound and measured using the HP-8753C. I'll attach a
more in-depth description - see the attachment. If there are questions,
please email me back on the appropriate group.io . If pictures are
required, let me know.

Each CMC is wound in bifilar manner with no twists or cross-overs in the
windings. In most cases, the number of turns is all I could fit on the
specific set of ferrites. The 31 material is an obvious overkill, but I
reasoned due to the higher µr of the material especially at 160-meters, it
would have to support more circulating magnetic current than the other
materials. The noted "GRN" and "BRN" is to denote the color wire to
distinguish between the various chokes. The noted AWG #14 is insulated,
stranded, and flexible 'antenna' wire from Davis RF.

Dave - WØLEV