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Best way to measure self resonance frequency of a coil with NanoVNA

Dirk 2021/10/30 00:22

I have a self wound coil with 52850 turns of 0,15 mm CuL on a plastic core (base diameter 32 mm, length 250 mm).
With an LCR meter I could measure an inductivity of 13,32 H.
Now I'm looking for the best way to measure the self resonance frequency SRF of that coil with my NanoVNA V2.
I think, the SRF could be a bit below the 10 or 50 kHz of the NanoVNA.
Is there anyway a possibility to measure the SRF?
How would you do it?

Mike Suhar 2021/10/30 08:38

Look for where the phase crosses zero. With the inductance that high the
SRF will be very low. That could be a problem seeing it on the NanoVNA.

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