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Battery, where to purchase with connector and charger

Robert galambos 2020/05/27 09:44

Trying to get a source of reliable supplier for a battery and charger. Allot out there, and some charge ridiculous about for shipping.

Thanks in advance

Leif M 2020/05/27 10:06

NanoVna 1 and 2 handle charging. I bought one from Ebay and one from Digikey or or TME. I think you should watch for travel time, currently post can be slow. And connector type and size of the battery. One of my batteries is too thick to go into the VNA.

chuckschwarz1 2020/05/28 09:02

According to the post at the battery connector is a JST-XH 2.54mm, and the maximum battery dimensions are 60mm x 40mm x 6mm. I couldn't find a battery that was smaller than the max dimensions *and* had the correct connector already attached. I ended up getting a 1200mAh 59x37x5 battery with a 2.0mm connector on it from Amazon, and a JST connector kit that I'll use to put the correct connector on it once it arrives. FWICT, there might be space available for a battery thicker than 6mm. My 5mm-thick battery leaves plenty of room between the two PCBs:

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