Beware of cheap underperforming clones

As of 2022 there are many badly performing clones on the market. V2/3GHz NanoVNA uses parts like ADF4350 and AD8342 which are costly and clones have been cutting costs by using salvaged or reject parts.

See official store and look for V2 Plus4/V2 Plus4 Pro versions only to avoid getting a bad clone. We have stopped selling V2.2 versions since October 2020, so all V2 hardware that are not Plus or Plus4 are not made by us and we can not guarantee performance.

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Batch size vs waiting list size

Giuseppe Marullo 2021/03/19 00:23

I anticipate many are on the waiting list...supposing everybody would still buy one, there will be enough Nano VNA 2 Plus 4?
Is the batch way bigger than the ones on the waiting list?

I would not like someone starting a new type of business, you know.

Giuseppe Marullo

OwO 2021/03/19 13:31

Don't worry about it, after the LCD display shortage is over there will
be plenty and it will be kept in stock.

gibsonmb 2021/03/21 16:05

Any update on availability please? I've got a VNA V2.2 Plus which I bought off the official Tindie site, it works really really well for me (antenna tuning). BUT, I'm getting on a bit and my eyes are not as good as they used to be. I need the Plus4. Is it going to be available again in the next few weeks please? regards Mike

OwO 2021/03/22 20:49

Yes, the LCD displays are being assembled now and it should be available
this week or at worst next week.

glynspam 2021/03/26 07:30

Did you get an answer to your question?   Only discovered these today, and if I'm going to buy one it might as well be the latest and best performing model!

gibsonmb 2021/03/27 13:40

No, and I've just checked, it is still not available... and I'm on the mailing wait list.



Robert Mueller 2021/03/27 21:42


On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 9:40 PM gibsonmb <> wrote:

OwO 2021/03/29 18:36

Someone asked about it again on discord so I'll post my answer here as well:

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