Leif M 2023/02/05 12:23

I have a V2 Plus4, which works well stand alone and with Win 10. I have NanoVna-saver and VNA-qt.
I hope to to be able to save an unfinished calibration somewhere (and continue from that later). I have a jig with short leads and it will break after only a few solderings. But still I would like to calibrate it with PC and stand alone. Saving status between machine change would help to keep jig wear and tear at minimum.
Is it possible write some short comments in calibration files. In PC at least. I am thinking putting there comments like: Corner jig, and coaxial marked A. Or something similar.
Is it possible to get some default file type for calibration files. And calibration files should have an own folder, my document folder is full of known and unknown various files, that is not a good place. An installation SW should handle the folder part .
Is it possible to get an exact screen capture of NanoVna. That would help with getting help about oddities.
I would like to have impedances also in polar form,  Like in the picture

There are reactances and resistances separate, but I havn't got this