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4" NanoVNA V2 Plus4 Received

Teton Amateur Radio 2021/06/25 21:02

Hello Group,

I received my "4" NanoVNA V2 Plus4" this evening. I notice that it is
showing as out of stock again. I do want to pass along some information
and pictures. First of all, I am in the United States of America.
Because of all the notices of damaged devices from Aliexpress, and maybe
more importantly, I wanted to get mine as soon as I could because I have
use for it. I opted to have mine sent by UPS. Yes, it cost more for
shipping, but only $12.50 (US) more than the slow shipping. I figured
the less time it takes for the shipping and handling, the less likely
for damage. No, I don't work for UPS. Now on to the good stuff!

First picture. The device came in a pretty good cardboard box that was
in a plastic UPS shipping bag.

Second picture. There were two anti-static bubble bags on the front of
the device. Total of four layers of bubble packing.

Third picture. Under the two bags were the two cables with SMA
connectors. Still trying figure out, but the cables feel like Teflon.
There was also the USB cable.

Fourth picture. The white block at the bottom of the picture was a foam
block for extra packing.

Fifth picture. Shows the bubble plastic bag the device came in. The
extra at the bottom half was folded over the front of the device giving
extra protection under the other bags.

Sixth picture. This shows the front of the device. It arrived in perfect
condition. No damage of any kind. Can pretty much tell that by the first
picture of the box it came in.

I have powered it up and it comes up with the Smith chart right away. No
further testing has been done, but not real concerned about it. Now just
want to get a battery for it.

Now for the part that many of you are probably interested in knowing
about. I ordered my device on the evening (Mountain Daylight Time, USA)
of Thursday, June 17th. The device arrived today, Friday, June 25th. I
picked it up this evening.

Over all, I think it came well packed and without any damage. I also
think it got here very quickly considering it takes that long to get
something across the USA. I believe it was worth paying the extra $12.50
for the UPS shipping. Even though it looks like they are sold out again,
and some have complained about the cost, for those in the USA, I believe
you should spend the extra for the UPS shipping. The device is sort of
heavy for what I would have expect, so the shipping is probably very
close to the actual cost.

Mick - W7CAT
Jackson, Wyoming - USA

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win7 hslaw 2021/06/25 21:26

Please post about the battery when complete. We have lots of 4.1v lipo
cells, hope I can use one of those.

On Fri, Jun 25, 2021, 20:02 Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association
(TARRA) <> wrote:

David J Taylor 2021/06/26 08:27

On 26/06/2021 05:26, win7 hslaw wrote:
> Please post about the battery when complete. We have lots of 4.1v lipo
> cells, hope I can use one of those.

The battery is a standard 3.7V 18650 cell.

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