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3D printed SMA torque wrench

Reinier Gerritsen 2020/04/25 10:03

Cheap torque wrenches on Aliexpress. Search for "Mxita sma torque wrench". Around  €15-20.
You can have it adjusted to the torque you need. Steel sma connectors need 1 Nm, gold plated brass 0.5 Nm.

CT2FZI 2020/04/25 22:24

Hi there,

I might buy one just to compare with my 3D printed wrenches.

Do you ask the seller to adjust the torque, or how do you measure 0.5 Nm ?

*73 de Luís, CT2FZI*

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On Sat, 25 Apr 2020 at 18:03, Reinier Gerritsen <>

Reinier Gerritsen 2020/04/26 19:22

When you order, you can ask the seller to adjust it. I order 5 pcs, also
for my job. However, the screw setting the required torque was not
locked, so the calibration did not hold. I recently ordered a cheap
Newton meter (5N range). With a piece of wire at 125 mm from the sma
axis, you need a force of 4N to get a 0.5 Nm torque. Easily calibrated

Op 25-4-2020 om 23:24 schreef CT2FZI:

CT2FZI 2020/04/26 12:14

You gave an idea: If you are talking about those cheap spring type Newton meter that we can find at aliexpress, I can print a 125mm SMA wrench and with a simple jig I can apply the calculated 4N, with no need of a specialized torque wrench ...
Just hang the newton meter above and apply the force till 4N.

Bob Benedict, KD8CGH 2020/05/02 07:33

I ordered a "Mxita sma torque wrench" from AliExpress in January and after 10 weeks it had not come, so I gave up on it. Eventually I was able to get a refund. The Tindie V2 page now advises that shipping is taking 60-100 days.

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