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3.2" Display Module for NanoVNA-V2 #3.2"_Display

hwalker 2020/04/29 00:21

The 3.2" display I ordered for my S-A-A-2 arrived today (see attachment). It took all of about 5 minutes to unscrew the old 2.8" display, remove it from the 14-pin socket and plug the 3.2" display into the 14-pin socket.


1. Visually there is not a big difference between the 2.8" and 3.2" display modules. If the firmware driver for the 3.2" display used the larger hugen AA character set, the change would be more worthwhile.

2. The mainboard mounting holes for the 3.2" display module do not line up with the mounting holes for the 2.8" module, so you have to improvise a way of securing the 3.2" module to the mainboard, other than the 14-pin socket. This will be an even bigger problem when Gabriel makes a driver for an 4" display module available since the 4" display module will dwarf the mainboard itself.

3. I highly recommend the 3.2" display module as a plug and play spare for the original 2.8" display module. It also has a SDCard module on the rear which hopefully will receive future firmware support by Gabriel or some other firmware designer. If you have visual acuity problems then you might want to put your money towards a 4" display module instead and wait for a driver from Gabriel. Just be aware the 4" display module will require a creative mounting solution.

4. hcxqsgroup, the current distributor for the NanoVNA-V2, has said, a " 4-in screen version is awaiting firmware support and PCB re design, which may take a few more months." hugen, the NanoVNA-H designer, is considering second sourcing a 4" version of the NanoVNA-V2, and was given Gabriel's implicit OK to do so, but that is still a pipe dream at this time.

- Herb

ersoz 2020/05/09 02:26

Can you please make some photos from the sides and so, thank you.

The 3,2" seems the same display type as the 2,8" one, I think TN-Film displays.

CT2FZI 2020/05/09 10:29

Hi please check here:

#Aliexpress € 6,34 16%OFF | 3.2 inch 320*240 TFT LCD Module Display Screen
with Touch Panel Driver IC ILI9341 240(RGB)*320 SPI Interface (9 IO) for MCU

A sábado, 9/05/2020, 10:27, <> escreveu:

ersoz 2020/05/09 04:32

Ok, thank you, but I meant on de the vna, to see how it looks like.

CT2FZI 2020/05/09 12:40


Erik posted this photo

[image: image.png]

*73 de Luís, CT2FZI*

*QRV @ 145.300 MHz | **CQ0VMST (VHF REP Monsanto)*


On Sat, 9 May 2020 at 12:32, <> wrote:

ersoz 2020/05/09 07:35

Thanks, that is not optimal, especially for a housing.

DiSlord 2020/05/09 09:48

You should understand. If you change display module to this, you need fix firmware for support it
This module have different driver, different resolution

aleks07111971 2020/05/09 09:51

Насколько это сложно и затратно по времени?

DiSlord 2020/05/09 10:09

I don`t know, i think not difficult.
Main problem change resolution (change driver easy, need rewrite init and little display read function)

CT2FZI 2020/05/09 12:53


Please do your best to use the English language :)

We all want to learn from the exchanged experience.


hwalker 2020/05/09 13:42

On Sat, May 9, 2020 at 09:48 AM, DiSlord wrote:

You should understand. If you change display module to this, you need fix firmware for support it This module have different driver, different resolution

And aleks wrote: How difficult and time consuming is it?
Please see the first message in this thread. I ordered and installed a 3.2" display module in place of the 2.8" display module. Both modules plug into the 15-pin connector on the main board so anyone with a screwdriver can easily install either module. Gabriel's firmware supports either display module. I took a photo in the first message showing the specific 3.2" module sku number that I replaced my 2.8" display module with. The photo also shows the 3.2" module installed and working. Larger fonts would have made the swap more worthwhile.

A ST7796S 4" display module can also be installed in the 15-pin connector, but Gabriel's firmware does not currently support it. Gabriel said she is working on other projects and does not plan on updating the S-A-A-2 firmware for 4" display support anytime soon. She did say that when she installed the ST7796S 4" display module it resulted in multiple screen images showing on the S-A-A-2 screen which indicated there is "good command set compatibility between the ST7796S and ILI9341".

Parts of Gabriel's S-A-A-2 firmware lean heavily on DiSlord's 0.7.1 firmware contributions. If and when DiSlord gets his hands on a S-A-A-2 he may be able to assist with 4" display module support. The 4" display modules seem to have an import restriction and are difficult to get here in the USA.

- Herb

DiSlord 2020/05/09 13:51

On Sat, May 9, 2020 at 01:42 PM, hwalker wrote:

> good command set compatibility between the ST7796S and ILI9341"

Display command on both ST7796S and ILI9341 the same
Differences only in initialization and receiving pictures from the display (H4 use display on driver ST7796S, and no problem use it)

Second - draw image on bigger display resolution, for this need update font size, update other size depend functional.

pa3wle 2020/05/19 14:06


I was winderig how would you use an sdcard? Storing more calibrations? My 2.8 inch screen already has pads for an sdcard. I am not sure the how one would connect it to the cpu peripherals. Same spi bus as display? But with separate CS?

Kinds regards,


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