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Information for distributors

While the V2_2 design has been open sourced, we firmly believe distributors that claim to sell original or genuine equipment should not stock clones of the S-A-A-2.

Moreover, we have been attacked by vendors deceiving distributors claiming that they designed the S-A-A-2 and in some cases dumping copies of our design at close to cost.

We are currently unable to supply the S-A-A-2 in very large quantities, but if you are a distributor and want to be honest to your customers, we simply ask that you refrain from stocking S-A-A-2 clones. Selling devices from clone vendors not only does not support the original developers, it is harmful to our project and future technical development.

In the future we may be able to supply the V2 Plus4 in volume once we get our supply chain in stable order. Thank you for your understanding.